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Hot Drinks (18 Products)

Tea, tea and more tea.  We all know the British and Irish love their tea. From PG Tips and English Breakfast Tea, to Tetley Tea and Yorkshire Tea.  Let us know if your favourite brew is not listed and we will endeavour to source it for you.  Oh and there might be some proper Cadbury drinking chocolate and Horlicks listed too!
Aero Instant Chocolate Drink 288g
Instant hot chocolate drink mix.
Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 250g
Cadbury drinking chocolate.
Cadbury Highlights  Chocolate 154g
Instant low calorie milk chocolate flavour hot chocolate drink with sugars and sweeteners.
Clipper Green Tea w/lemon 26 Tea Bags 50g
Lemon flavoured organic green tea.
Clipper Green Tea w/mint 25 Tea Bags 50g
20 unbleached bags of organic green tea & mint
Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate Drink 370g
Hot chocolate powdered drink with sugars and sweetener.
Maltesers Instant Hot Malt Chocolate 350g
Instant hot chocolate malted powdered drink.
Nambarrie Tea 100 Tea Bags 290g
100 Nambarrie teabags.
NI Punjana Tea Bags 80s 250g
Punjana original blend 80 tea bags
NI Thomsons Irish Breakfast Tea 80's 250g
Irish breakfast blend 80 tea bags
Twinings English Breakfast 100 Teabags 250G
English breakfast 100 tea bags.
Twinings Pure Camomile Tea 20 Tea Bags 30g
Pure camomile 20 single tea bags.
Yorkshire 80 Teabags 250G
Yorkshire Tea 80 tea bags.