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Halloween (13 Products)

A selection of sweets for Hallowe'en. Get them whilst they are in stock. Limited time only.

Your trick-or-treaters will scream with delight when they see this festive twist on a classic favorite! Cadbury Ghoost Egg is the perfect treat to pass out to all your visitors this Halloween season.  Or how about a Smarties Halloween Pumpkin?
Cadbury Crunchy Spider 30G
Milk chocolate with green crisped rice balls.
Cadbury Ghoost Egg 40G
Milk chocolate egg with a soft fondant centre.
Chupa Chups Halloween Bag 168G
Assorted flavour lollipops: strawberry, apple, cola and strawberry-cream.
Fruittella Halloween Mix Bag 200G
Assorted chewy sweets with strawberry, orange and lemon flavours.
Halloween Bag Drumsticks Squashies 160G
Orange and blackcurrant flavour gums.
Haribo Scaremix Mega Box 800G
Fruit Flavour Gums with Biscuit and Bubblegum Flavour Foam Gum.
Haribo Trick Or Treat 176G
Fruit flavour and sweet foam gums.
Mr Kipling Fiendish Fancies 8 Pack
Orange flavour sponge cakes with a vanilla flavour topping, covered with orange coloured fondant icing.
Nestle Milky Bar Ghost 21G
Hollow white chocolate figure.
Smarties Halloween Pumpkin 21G
Hollow milk chocolate figure containing mini Smarties.
Squashies Party Box 700G
Mini bags of raspberry & milk flavour gums.
Sweet Champions Halloween Bag 200G
Wham Assortment - Assorted Flavour Mini Chew Bars.
Swizzels Spooky Trick Or Treat Tub 1.05Kg
An Assortment of Children's Favourite Sweets.