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Crackers & Crispbreads (20 Products)

Planning a cheeseboard? Fancy a light lunch? All your crackery needs are right here.

Includes British favourites Carrs Water Biscuits and Jacobs Cream Crackers, as well as healthy options from Nairns and Ryvita.
Carrs Cheese Melts 150g
Wheaten biscuits with cheese.
Carrs Table Water Biscuits 125g
Table water biscuits.
Jacobs Baked Cheddar Biscuits Cheese 150g
Cheddar cheese biscuits.
Jacobs Choice Grain Crackers 200g
Multigrain crackers with wheat, barley and rye
Jacobs Cornish Wafers 150g
Light and flaky puffed crackers.
Jacobs Cream Crackers 300g
Cream crackers.
Marmite Flatbreads 140g
Savoury flatbreads with yeast extract topped with cheese.
Nairns Cheese Oatcakes 200g
Cheese oatcakes.
Nairns Fine Oatcakes 250g
Fine milled oatcakes.
Nairns Rough Oatcakes 291g
Rough oatcakes.
Nairns Super Seeded Oatcakes 200g
Super seeded oatcakes.
Ryvita Cracked Black Pepper Crisp Bread 200g
Wholegrain rye crispbread with cracked black pepper.
Ryvita Dark Rye Crisp Bread 250g
Wholegrain rye crispbread.
Ryvita Multigrain Crisp Bread 250g
Wholegrain rye crispbread topped with toasted seeds and grains.
Ryvita Original Crisp Bread 250g
Wholegrain rye crispbread.
Ryvita Pumpkin & Oats Crisp Bread 200g
Wholegrain rye crispbread with pumpkin seeds and oats.
Ryvita Thins Caramelised Onion 125g
Caramelised onion flatbreads.
Ryvita Thins Multiseed 125g
Multi-seed flatbreads.
Ryvita Thins Sweet Chilli 125g
Wheat & rye flatbread baked with sweet chilli seasoning.
Ryvita Wholegrain Cracker Bread 125g
Wholegrain wheat crackerbread.