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Christmas (29 Products)

All your Christmas needs.

Includes British classics from Cadbury such as Heroes, Roses and everybody's favourite Quality Street. 

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a tin of sweets beneath the tree!
Aero Festive Orange Sharing Bar 100g
Aero festive orange sharing bar.
After Eight Selection Pack 122g
After Eight selection pack.
Bendicks Mint Crisp Boxed Chocolates 138g
Mint crisp boxed chocolates.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland 100g
Cadbury Dairy Milk winter wonderland.
Cadbury Medium Selection Box Snowman 180g
Cadbury medium selection box.
Colmans Bread Sauce Mix 40G
A bread sauce mix with a hint of nutmeg.
Costa Duo Cup Set With Syrup
Costa duo cup set with syrup.
Costa Mug And Biscuits
Costa mug qnd biscuits.
Fox's Fabulously Biscuit Selection 600g
Fox's fabulous biscuit selection.
Galaxy Collection Large Selection Box 246g
Galaxy collection large selection box.
Galaxy Miniatures Pouch 457G
Milk chocolate and Milk chocolate with a soft caramel filling.
Guinness Tea Towel And Sauce Tin
Guinness tea towel and sauce tin.
Hungry Hamper  - Christmas Special
A selection of chocolate in a festive hamper box.
Jacobs Twiglets Christmas Caddy 200g
Jacobs Twiglets Christmas caddy.
Lindt Chocolate Reindeer 100g
Lindt chocolate reindeer.
Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles Carton 337g
Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles.
Maltesers and Friend Selection Box 213g
Maltesers and friends selection box.
Marmite Cashew Nuts 90g
Marmite cashew nuts.
Mars and Friends Medium Selection Box 181g
Mars and friends medium selection box.
Robertsons Traditional Mincemeat 411g
Robertsons traditional mincemeat.
Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange Ball 157g
Terry's dark chocolate orange ball.
Terrys Milk Chocolate Orange 157g
Milk chocolate flavoured with real orange.
Toblerone Milk Chocolate Block 360g
Toblerone milk chocolate block.