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Four words for the Irish away from home (and anyone who has ever eaten it!) - Soda, Wheaten & Potato Bread!!

All the breads you need to make the perfect Irish Breakfast.  Soda Farls, Potato Farls, Pancakes, Wheaten Bread, Veda Bread.  All your Irish favourites from Ormo and Sunblest.
Brennans Half Pan Premium White 400g
Half pan premium white bread.
Genesis Crafty Pancakes 8 Pack
8 Fluffy pancakes.
Genesis Toaster Wheaten 420g
Toaster wheaten loaf.
Irwins Nutty Krust Sliced Bread 400g
Nutty Krust sliced bread.
Ormo 4 Mid Size Sodas
4 Mid-size soda farls made with buttermilk.
Ormo 6 Potato Farls
6 Potato farls.
Ormo Pancakes 6 pack
6 Pancakes made with buttermilk & free range eggs.
Ormo Sliced Wholemeal Wheaten 400g
Wheaten bread with added wheatgerm and topped with cut wheat & rye.
Rankin Irish Barmbrack 470g
A traditional Irish fruit loaf speckled with sultanas. Delicious warmed with butter.
Sunblest Giant Pancakes 4 Pack
4 giant pancakes.
Sunblest Veda 400g
Sunblest Veda malt loaf.