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About Us

Hello, welcome to Hungry Expats! We are family run business based in Northern Ireland. We are lucky enough to have travelled most of our lives and have previously lived as Expats, loving the local delicacies but often missing those familiar foods from home, begging friends and family to bring out some ‘proper’ chocolate and some decent tea!

Since returning to the U.K., we often receive requests from our friends overseas for the things they miss. We have decided to expand on this so we can help you get your hands on your favourites too.

Please browse through our website and the many products on offer; do let us know if we are missing anything – we are always looking to expand our product range. Please view the Delivery Page for explanations about packaging and shipping and most of all, enjoy having all those things that you crave from home delivered direct to your door.

We would also be grateful if you would follow us on our various social media page including Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and our Hungry Expats Blog.  Just click on the logos below.


Hungry Expats